Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best of 2007 - #13

13. lake of tears - 'moons & mushrooms'
One of the most unfairly underrated bands of the last decade, Lake Of Tears nevertheless soldier on, with each album always a surprise in terms of musical direction taken. ‘Moons And Mushrooms’ is a sort of combination of all that was good about the past six records but much more guitar-focused, with melancholy, catchy choruses and their indefinable fantasy quirkiness greatly enriched by the wonderfully strong guitar sound. Much darker and heavier than before, it’ll appeal to anyone into any kind of melodic metal., read my review on issue #159 of Terrorizer magazine. Unfortunately, that was all the space I got to write about 'Moons And Mushrooms', but there would be much more to say, as there would about most Lake Of Tears albums, a band that has been consistently underrated throughout their career. On 'Moons And Mushrooms', if you still don't know Lake Of Tears, you have the perfect entry point, because the album is a sort of summing up of all the best things they've done before. The infectious melodies of 'Children Of The Grey', the sad melancholy of 'Like A Leaf' or the razor-sharp intensity of the guitar sound in opener 'Last Purple Sky' (and throughout the whole record, really - this is the best guitar sound the band has ever had) are just some of the highlights of a consistently brilliant album that will once again be rather overlooked, but will satisfy that happy bunch that is the Lake Of Tears fanbase. It's like we're all in to a little secret, and it actually feels great. And if you still doubt their rock credentials, check out the Status Quo cover 'Is There A Better Way'.

Lake Of Tears - 'Last Purple Sky'

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