Friday, August 04, 2006


abigail's mercy - 'salvation'

released: july 2006
running time: 51'49"
casket music

songs: 1. to hell with angels 2. just for you 3. meaningless 4. sarah 5. keep me coming 6. ashes 7. salvation 8. the sky begins to cry 9. cloud dancer 10. the truth

I received this promo a couple of weeks ago, and having reviewed it for the several magazines I work for, I decided to post it here, since too.many.records. hasn't really catered for the gothier crowd yet.

Yes, goth. So let's get it out of the way quickly: Abigail's Mercy, despite the frequent unfairness with which some of these comparisons are handed out, do sound like several other bands you probably know that play goth rock with a duet of grainy male and operatic female vocals. Before you leap quickly to the next review or, heaven (and hell) forbid, the next blog, in disgust, it should be stated that some of the songwriting on 'Salvation' is not entirely bad. The talent to write sticky vocal lines is quite evident. I dare you to not hum opener 'To Hell With Angels' all day after just one listen to that chorus. If perfected (and, above all, marketed) well, this might make them the next big thing in some circles. They are certainly presented that way in the press release. However, the amateur feel to it all is undisguisable and provides the record's downfall.

Get past those ear-candy vocal harmonies and you'll be left with nothing really adventurous in any area. Most of the guitarwork is fairly forgettable and unchallenging. Elsewhere, the lyrics and the band's look (instant example - album cover) positively reek of adolescence. Female vocalist Lindsey is the band's weakest link – she'd do for some choruses and backup vocals, but she's unfortunately not nearly enough to take the lead of a song.

It might not take much more than this to stir waves among the less knowledgeable public (re: Evanescence), but Abigail's Mercy are still a long way away from true quality.

the good: interesting vocal harmonies, a couple of sticky songs
the bad: feels and sounds amateur (in a bad, not endearing way), unoriginal, weak female vocals

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